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22 Nov

In Japan, November 22nd is popularly known as “Nice Couple Day“.


Says “Nov 22nd. ‘Nice Couple Day'”

This is because 11/22 (November 22nd) can be read “ii-fuu-fu” by using a type of play-on-words that is popular in Japan.
This is a play-on-words because 「いい夫婦」 is also read “ii-fuu-fu” and it means “nice couple” in Japanese.

Many couples have a date or special dinner on this day.

Maybe I’ll take my wife to a restaurant for dinner tonight.♪


22 Nov

It’s November 22nd (2013). Former U.S. president John F. Kennedy was assassinated fifty years ago today.


JFK, 1917 May 29th – 1963 Nov 22nd, RIP

(His daughter, Caroline Kennedy, has recently become the U.S. ambassador to Japan, by the way. Click here to read my post about that.)

I was born in November 1969. Six years after the JFK assassination. My parents were junior high school students back then…so, of course, they remember that day well.

Since I hadn’t been born yet, I obviously have no memory of that event in history.

The earliest historical event that I can remember is the U.S. bi-centennial in July 1976. I was only six years old, so I didn’t really understand it…but I seem to remember it somewhat.

The earliest historical event that I can remember clearly and that I understood was was the U.S. diplomats in the U.S. embassy in Iran being taken hostage in 1979. There were yellow ribbons tied to trees, car radio antennas, etc all over America.

How about you?
Do you remember the JFK assassination? What are your memories?
What other historical events do you remember?