Loudpark ’13

5 Oct

Loudpark, the annual heavy-metal festival that is held every October in either Saitama or Chiba (near Tokyo) will be held at the Saitama Super Arena on October 19th and 20th (2013).


Many bands will play, including Stone Temple Pilots, Europe, Lordi, King Diamond and many others.

Personally, I don’t like music festivals much. Usually there are too many bands that I don’t care about.
I did go to OzzFest Japan last spring because I wanted to see Black Sabbath … but I usually prefer regular concerts with only one or two bands.

But I’m definitely not going to Loudpark this year because it is scheduled on the same weekend as the KISS concert that I’m going to!

Are you going to Loudpark ?
Are you going to see KISS in Japan?
Which seems like a better concert to you?

2 Responses to “Loudpark ’13”

  1. ddupre315 October 5, 2013 at 6:21 pm #

    Will have to wait till next year. I’m heading back stateside at the end of the month for a week. Definitely want to check it out though.


    • tokyo5 October 5, 2013 at 10:15 pm #

      You want to see Loudpark?
      The line-up in past years have been better than this year’s.

      Are you going on holiday to America? That’s nice!
      I haven’t been to America in about 10 years!


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