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The Happiness Year

15 Apr

Tokyo Disneyland opened on 1983 April 15th … thirty years ago today.


I can’t believe how fast time flies!
When I first came to Japan, Tokyo Disneyland was only seven years old.

Tokyo Disneyland is calling this year, 2013, the “Happiness Year”.

Have you ever been to Tokyo Disneyland or any of the world’s Disney parks?


15 Apr

More and more McDonalds in Japan have begun offering delivery service called “McDelivery“.


Does McDonalds offer delivery service in your country? Have you ever used it?

I have used pizza delivery, ramen delivery and sushi delivery…but I still have never used Kentucky Fried Chicken or McDonalds delivery?

What types of food can be delivered in your country?

And, just like the pizza, Kentucky Fried Chicken and other delivery services in Japan, McDonald’s McDelivery have company mopeds that are used to deliver the food.mcbike