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Doll Festival

4 Mar

Yesterday (March 3rd) was the Japanese holiday 「ひな祭り」 (Hina-Matsuri), which is usually called “Doll Festival” in English. In the past, and sometimes even now, it was called “Girls Day”.

The literal translation of the name into English would be “Princess Festival”, though.

Families with daughters decorated their homes with special dolls and they eat a special type of sushi.

I have three daughters, so, of course, we celebrate it every year!

I have written posts about this day before.
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And now, I have written a post about it as a “guest blogger” on another blog.

A retired school teacher in Hawaii has an interesting blog titled “Musings, and she asked me if I’d write about “Girls Day” in Japan.

She uploaded the post yesterday. Click here to read it.