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Twenty two years ago today

17 Oct

Today is 2012 October 17th.

I came to Japan on 1990 October 17th…twenty-two years ago today.

I was twenty years old when I came here, so I’ve lived most of my life in Japan now.

Four years ago, I wrote a post about some of the changes I’ve seen in Tokyo since I came here.
(Click here to read it.)

1990, the year I came to Japan, was the year of the “first” Persian Gulf War, and it was the year that the Berlin Wall was torn down—reuniting East and West Germany.

Berlin Wall being torn down, 1990.

I believe that Boris Yeltsin was elected the president of Russia that year, and Ireland elected their first female president then too.

I can remember 1990 very well because it was a big year for me…I began my life in a country completely different from the one I was born and raised in. Twenty-two years ago today.

Can you remember what you were doing in 1990?