Volleyball World Cup

19 Nov

Have you ever watched the volleyball World Cup championship games?
They are held every four years…and this year (2011) was one of the years that the matches are held. They are currently winding down…the women’s games ended a couple of days ago and the men’s will finish up soon too.

Did you know that Japan is always the host nation of the Volleyball World Cup?

Italy are the champions of the 2011 Women’s Volleyball World Cup. The American team are the second-place winners and China came in third.
Japan’s team are the fourth-place winners.

America came ahead of Japan in the final results, but Japan beat the U.S. (3 sets to zero) in the Japan vs USA match.

Since Italy, America and China came in first, second and third place (respectively), those teams qualified to play in the Olympics in London next summer.


2 Responses to “Volleyball World Cup”

  1. Metal Odyssey November 20, 2011 at 9:07 am #

    I always loved to play volleyball when I was in high school (gym class). Despite getting yelled at by the gym teacher(s) and other dudes playing, I still had a ball! Why was I yelled at? I guess I wasn’t a “star” player… LOL!

    I’m happy for the U.S.A. and their women’s team. I hope Japan’s teams excel too, (in) which ever tournaments they may play in.


    • tokyo5 November 20, 2011 at 1:59 pm #

      >I always loved to play volleyball when I was in high school

      Yeah, volleyball is fun. I haven’t played it for many years, though 😉
      In Florida (where I grew up), Beach Volleyball was popular for a time.

      >I’m happy for the U.S.A. ..I hope Japan’s teams excel too,

      Actually, as I mentioned in this post, Japan’s team beat the American team in the match they played against each other. It was a great game!
      But, alas, America’s final ranking was higher than Japan’s at the end of the competition.


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