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25,000th Big Mac!?

19 May

Have you ever watched the documentary about the fast-food industry in general and McDonalds in particular titled “Super Size Me“?

That movie introduces you to a man named Don Gorske who claims to have eaten at least one, but usually two, Big Mac sandwiches from McDonalds every single day of his life with the exception of only eight days since May 1972!

On 2004 July 19 Don Gorske ate his 20,000th Big Mac and he was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for having eaten more of the burgers than anyone else in the world.

Don Gorske tried his first Big Mac on 1972 May 17 and he liked it so much he ate eight more the same day…and on 2011 May 17 (the day before yesterday), exactly thirty nine years after eating those first nine, he was recognized with a special ceremony at his local McDonalds for having eaten his 25,000th Big Mac.

Unsurprisingly, Mr. Gorske said he loves Big Macs and intends to continue eating them daily.