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They’re coming back to Tokyo

4 Mar

In 1980, Wendy’s, the American fast-food restaurant, opened their first restaurant in Tokyo and from there they opened many more shops around Japan.

But in 2009, Wendy’s closed all of their shops in Japan.

It says "Wendy's Hamburger"

Well, Wendy’s just announced yesterday that they will be re-entering the Japanese market. They will be bring the Wendy’s restaurants back to Japan.
The first shops are due to open in Tokyo this autumn.

Also coming back to Japan is the 「ハヤブサ」新幹線 (“Hayabusa” bullet-train).

This was a line started in 1958 but discontinued in 2009.

Well, I saw an ad at a train station that tomorrow (2011 March 5) the 「ハヤブサ」 (“Hayabusa”) bullet train will re-commence.
It will connect Tokyo to Shin-Aomori in northern Japan.

There a brand new slick 「ハヤブサ」 (“Hayabusa”) train that will make it’s debut tomorrow when the bullet-train service begins.

From left to right, Tokyo's skyline becomes more and more modern.

Do you like Wendy’s?

Have you ever ridden a bullet train before?