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Today is Girls’ Day

3 Mar

Today is March 3rd. In Japan, ひな祭 (“Princess Festival“) is celebrated on this day.
This day used to be called “Girls Day” (and sometimes still is) because families will daughters display elaborate sets of dolls of the Emperor and Empress of Japan and the Royal court.
It’s often called “Doll Festival” too.

The dolls are displayed on a staircase-like stage with the Emperor and Empress at the top and the royal court arranged by rank (the lowest “step” having the lowest “ranked” members of the court).

We have three daughters so of course we have a display of dolls like this. But now that my kids are getting older, we don’t display the dolls anymore. It’s too much work! 😉

Japan also celebrates 「子供の日」 (“Children’s Day“) on May 5th…this holiday used to be called “Boys Day” because families with a son display 「鯉のぼり」 (“Carp Streamers“) and a Samurai display.

On May 5th, Carp Streamers are flown by familes with a son.

Anyways, many families in Japan with daughters set up their Doll Festival sets in late February and take them back down promptly on March 4th (the day after the holiday) because it’s an “Old Wives’ Tale” in Japan that daughters in families that delay putting the dolls away will have difficulty finding a future husband.

If you want to see a ひな人形 (“Princess Festival” doll-set) on display, you should visit 勝浦 (Katsuura, Chiba, Japan) on March 3rd. They have a huge display every year.

And, as they often do for world holidays, Google‘s logo is presently representing Japan’s 「ひな祭」 (“Princess Festival“).

Does your country have special holidays for children too?