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McDonalds for X-mas

1 Dec

In Japan it is tradition to eat chicken for Christmas dinner and the most popular Christmas chicken in Japan is from “Kentucky Fried Chicken“.

Other fast-food places try to compete with Kentucky Fried Chicken, Japan every Christmas…but, to Japanese people, “X-mas dinner = Kentucky (Fried Chicken)“.

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Well, this year, from December 3rd – 25th, McDonalds in Japan will be offering a X-mas chicken dinner set that they hope will help them take some of the lucrative Christmas dinner market away from Kentucky Fried Chicken, Japan.

They’re calling it the “iCon’ Box“.

X-mas Chicken dinner from McDonalds Japan.

For ¥1,780 (about US $21), it includes:
– four “Juicy Chicken Selects” (two packs with 2 pieces each),
– ten “Chicken McNuggets” (two packs with 5 pieces each),
– sauce for the McNuggets include the two “regular” BBQ and Honey Mustard, plus a new “Sour Cream & Onion” McNugget sauce,
– two “Shaka Shaka Chicken” patties (the chicken and a flavored powder are put into a bag and shaken together)
– flavor powder for the Shaka-Shaka Chicken include the two “regular” flavors of Black Pepper and Cheese, plus a new “Pizza” flavor,
– “Mega” size French Fries
– and three cell-phone straps (“McDonalds” restaurant, “McDonalds” logo, and “Shaka-Shaka Chicken”).

Orders for the iCon’ Box will be taken beginning on December 3rd so that the meal will be ready for Christmas dinner on the 25th.