Chocolate for “adults”

18 Nov

I was going to write a post about U.S. President Barack Obama’s recent visit to Japan for the APEC Summit that was held in Yokohama, Japan last week.
This summit was for world leaders to discuss free-trade in the Asia / Pacific region.

President Obama made a speech when he visited Japan shortly after his election in which he mentioned that he had visited 鎌倉 (Kamakura, Japan) near Tokyo on a trip with his mother when he was six years old.
On that trip, he remembered, he visited the 大仏 (Great Buddah) and enjoyed “Green Tea Ice Cream”.

In that speech, President Obama said that he hoped to visit Kamakura again one day soon and eat Green Tea Ice Cream again.

His wish came true on his last day in Japan of this recent trip (well, he actually ate a “Green Tea Popsicle” rather than ice cream this time).

U.S. President Obama eating a Green Tea Popsicle in Kamakura, Japan on 2010 Nov 14.

U.S. President Obama in front of the 大仏 (Great Buddah) statue in Kamakura, Japan on 2010 Nov 14.


I also wanted to write about the 2010 Asian Games which are currently being played in Guangzhou, China.
Forty-five countries are participating in these games which began on 2010 November 12 and will end with the closing ceremony on November 27th.
Japan is doing pretty good in these games…but China, the host country, has the highest number of gold medals so far.

Japan is upset though by the results of the women’s Judo matches. Judo is a Japanese martial art and Japanese athletes consistently excel in international Judo competitions…but in the women’s Judo match Tomoko Fukumi of Japan lost in her match against Wu Shegen of China.
Although it appeared to most people watching that Japan was winning, the judges awarded the victory to China.

Hopefully this doesn’t add more tension to the relationship between Japan and China.
In both Japan and China recently there have been protests against the other country due to Japan’s arrest (and eventual release) of a Chinese fisherman who entered disputed waters that are claimed as territory by both China and Japan.
And in the same waters, on two separate occasions a Chinese boat intentionally rammed a Japanese Coast Guard vessel that was patrolling the area.


But I titled this blog post 「Chocolate for “adults”」 because I saw the Kit-Kat 「オトナの甘さ」 (“(Level of) Sweetness for Adults”).

I don’t eat junk-food often but two types of chocolate that I like are whiskey chocolate and dark / bitter chocolate.
This Kit-Kat is a bitter / semi-sweet chocolate so I decided to try it. It was pretty good.

The Japanese actress / singer 「黒木めいさ」 (Meisa Kuroki) is the promotion model for both the “regular” Kit-Kat (dressed in red) and the Kit-Kat 「オトナの甘さ」 “Sweetness for Adults” (dressed in black).


Have you heard any of these news stories before?

6 Responses to “Chocolate for “adults””

  1. yumeko November 18, 2010 at 6:29 pm #

    Actually..only one of them is Meisa Kuroki-san
    the other is her sister ^^ [the one in red]

    incidently her sister’s name is Akagi [hence red]


    • tokyo5 November 19, 2010 at 12:25 am #

      Actually, no, Meisa Kuroki doesn’t have a sister. Both pictures are of the same person.

      Her last name (Kuroki) translates literally to “Black tree”…so for this Kit-Kat promotion she is dressed in black with the Kit-Kat in the black box and for the one in the red box she is dressed in red and her “alter-ego” is called “Meisa Akagi“—“Akagi” translates literally to “Red tree”.

      Just a play-on-words with her last name.


      • yumeko November 23, 2010 at 2:29 pm #

        oh u are right! that is indeed my mistake! i didnt really look into the promotions XD


      • tokyo5 November 23, 2010 at 3:02 pm #

        >oh u are right!

        Well, I try not to post anything unless I’m sure about it.


  2. gigihawaii November 18, 2010 at 1:56 am #

    That model is very beautiful. Is she half Caucasian?

    I read about Obama’s visit to the statue. Thanks for posting the picture of the statue as I had never seen it before.


    • tokyo5 November 18, 2010 at 2:29 am #

      >Is she half Caucasian?

      Actually she’s 1/4 Brazilian (3/4 Japanese).

      >I had never seen it (Kamakura Great Buddah) before.

      You didn’t visit it on your trip to Tokyo?
      (I’ve have other photos of it on earlier posts on this blog too, BTW).


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