Steve Spangler X でんじろう先生

25 Jul

In Japan there is a famous science teacher who is often on TV demonstrating amazing science experiments that are more like magic tricks.
He appears on many TV shows and he has a show of his own.

His name is 米村でんじろう先生 (Yonemura Denjirou sensei), or simply “Denjirou-sensei” as he’s usually referred to as, and he’s a former high school science teacher who didn’t enjoy science class when he was a kid so he decided to teach it in a way that would make it fun for kids (and adults!).

He has even traveled to places overseas, such as Africa, to help school children in other countries appreciate and learn science.

Here’s a clip from Denjirou-sensei‘s TV show. He makes a foam rise suddenly out of a large beaker with a loud whistling noise:

Well, a few days ago, my sister told me about an American former elementary school science teacher named Steve Spangler who does amazing science experiments.

I had never heard of Steve Spangler, so I searched YouTube and watched some of his experiments.
My first reaction was “Did this guy copy Denjirou-sensei?”, because he does some of the same experiments.

This is one of many experiments that Steve Spangler has in common with Denjirou-sensei

Here’s a video clip of Steve Spangler doing a similar experiment as the one that Denjirou-sensei did in the video above (but there’s no whistling noise):

I had never heard of Steve Spangler before, but I’ve watched Denjirou-sensei on TV for years.
How about you? Have you heard of either? Both?

6 Responses to “Steve Spangler X でんじろう先生”

  1. your-words-here May 1, 2012 at 1:30 pm #

    First of all, cool blog…however…
    For future reference…don’t ever use “science experiment” and “magic trick” in the same sentence. I get it, it’s cool…but really it’s not magic.
    Perhaps you will respond by telling me not to use so many… in my sentences. You would be right.


    • tokyo5 May 1, 2012 at 11:12 pm #

      >First of all, cool blog…


      >don’t ever use “science experiment” and “magic trick” in the same sentence….it’s not magic

      Actually, in this post, I didn’t say the experiments were magic—I said they were “like magic”.

      Anyways, I can’t imagine why the manner I word my sentences would upset you.

      >Perhaps you will respond by telling me not to use so many… in my sentences.

      “So many” what? Periods?
      I didn’t even notice…actually I use three-dot ellipsis often too.
      And…I’m not in the habit of correcting the grammar or punctuation of people kind enough to leave a comment on my blog.

      Thanks again.


      • your-words-here May 4, 2012 at 11:21 am #

        It’s a pet peeve really, I am studying microbiology right now and hate to have the hard work compared to a “trick”. People do that a lot it seems. Maybe your post was just one too many times I hear this comparison and felt compelled to bring up my point!
        However, for the general public I understand that flashy science is interesting…I just wished people understood more about it. No offense.
        I just wrote about my … because I noticed I used it a lot in this reply and was trying to poke fun at myself, so that the criticism I gave you wouldn’t seem so harsh.
        I do love to use that particular punctuation though…a nice break to form opinions, I think!


      • tokyo5 May 4, 2012 at 2:47 pm #

        The fun science experiments of Steve Spangler and Denjiro-sensei make science more interesting to the average student who otherwise may not be too interested in science otherwise .


  2. Your Littlest Sister July 26, 2010 at 2:28 am #

    Cool! I think it’s great that there are these teachers sharing the fun of science around the world. At Spangler’s Science In the Rockies conference, some really great science educators from Singapore shared about their mission to help kids in Singapore understand that science (and math) are exciting at their kids’ science museum. They were inspiring to listen to and I;m glad to see more people making it accessible for kids. Thanks for sharing about Denjirou-sensei!


    • tokyo5 July 26, 2010 at 12:58 pm #

      >Thanks for sharing about Denjirou-sensei!

      Well, you told me about that Steve Spangler…I was surprised that he does many of the same experiments that I’ve seen on Denjirou-sensei’s TV show. But of course, their personalities / styles are quite different—one acts very “Japanese” and the other very “American”. 😉


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