The Holy Diver has passed away

18 May

When I go online, first I check my email.
Today one of my emails was from my friend Masa. He told me that the legendary heavy metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio has passed away.

After I check my emails, I always check my favorite websites for updates. There are a number of blogs, news sites, and others that I visit everyday.
But once I knew that Dio has died, I knew that some of my favorite music-related blogs would have posts about it…Hard Rock Hideout, Metal Excess, Metal Odyssey, Heavy Metal Addiction, and Heavy Metal Time Machine all wrote excellent posts about Ronnie Dio’s passing.

Ronnie James Dio was most famous as the lead vocalist for the metal bands Rainbow, Black Sabbath (after original vocalist Ozzy Osbourne was fired), and his solo band Dio.

I knew that he had been fighting stomach cancer but I was still surprised and saddened to learn that he died on May 16.

Ronnie James Dio, 1942 July 10 – 2010 May 16, R.I.P.

Here are a couple official promotion videos for two of his biggest hits with his solo band Dio, “Holy Diver” and “The Last In Line“.
The videos seem pretty “cheesy” nowadays, but when they were first released in the ’80s they were cool (at least to the teenage heavy metal fanatic that I was back then).

14 Responses to “The Holy Diver has passed away”

  1. cuteandcurls May 23, 2010 at 2:33 pm #

    I couldnt believe he passed away. Holy Diver was one of the few songs that I forever remember in my youth, thanks to my eldest brother and heavy metal music (or what genre you might like to correct me 🙂 ) was slowly introduced to my list of favorite music to listen to. In the morning i’d be hearing Holy Diver playing loudly from his room aside from his Iron Maiden, Steve Vai, Alice Cooper etc ..
    His powerful voice will forever be immortalised through his music.

    May he now rest in peace.


    • tokyo5 May 23, 2010 at 2:48 pm #

      Sounds like your brother had an excellent record collection.


      • cuteandcurls May 23, 2010 at 7:36 pm #

        He sure did ..dont know where he hid them cos Id like to ‘rip’ and ‘burn’ them into mp3 format ..aside from that hes an ultra cool brother to go to a live gig with in hand, headbanging away 😀


      • tokyo5 May 23, 2010 at 8:34 pm #

        Have you attended many concerts?
        Which ones, for example?


  2. Metal Misfit May 19, 2010 at 9:41 am #

    Such a legend and wonderful person that I’ve only come to appreciate in the last few years. Even at 67 years old, he was taken away from us far too soon. I felt like he had so much more to give the world. He apparently did too as he was in the process of writing Magica II (a planned trilogy) and was optimistic about a new Heaven and Hell album as well.



    • tokyo5 May 20, 2010 at 12:30 am #

      Having Ozzy release solo albums (a new one coming out soon) and back with Black Sabbath (hopefully they’ll make a new album sooner or later)…and Dio’s solo albums as well as with “Heaven And Hell” (which was the “Dio era” Black Sabbath with a new name) all meant the potential for a lot of great music.

      But, as you said, he passed away too soon.


  3. Sir Pent May 18, 2010 at 6:44 am #

    I came a little late to the game for Dio…back when he had his solo band DIO, which I wasn’t a fan of. Because of that I never sought out his work in Rainbow or (his tenure in) Sabbath.
    It wasn’t until after college that I heard the Heaven & Hell album and finally understood. The man had an amazing voice and great theatric delivery.

    I also didn’t realize he was 67 years old. The man lived an amazing life and left behind some amazing music for us to enjoy forever!


    • tokyo5 May 20, 2010 at 12:11 am #

      You didn’t like metal classics like “Holy Diver” and “The Last In Line” when they were released in the ’80s?


  4. scarletunderground May 18, 2010 at 4:14 am #

    so sad 😦


    • tokyo5 May 20, 2010 at 12:09 am #

      Yes, it’s too bad.

      Nice post about this on your blog too.


  5. metalodyssey May 18, 2010 at 2:50 am #

    I remember my Metalhead buddies and I back in high school… we used to say we were “the last in line”. Why? Because we never got the “good seats” or seats at all in the school cafeteria and the teachers all thought we were heading for prison. One teacher, in fact, used to say… “your on the yellow brick road to summer school” to me everyday.

    Ronnie James Dio and his music made my life much more clearer back in those 80’s high school years… more clear than any teacher had accomplished.

    Very fitting tribute to DIO on your end too.



    • tokyo5 May 18, 2010 at 3:24 am #

      I was in that “line” too! 😉

      I noticed on your blog that you saw Dio in concert with Savatage as the opening act in the late ’80s.
      I remember that I really wanted to see that show but was unable.
      (Savatage by the way are from my hometown in West-central Florida. So the Dio / Savatage show I wanted to attend was Savatage’s home crowd).


  6. pongrocks May 18, 2010 at 2:17 am #

    oh my god… I didn’t even know he had stomach cancer… He was a great artist with a really unique voice…
    R.I.P. Ronnie 😦


    • tokyo5 May 18, 2010 at 3:20 am #

      His voice is part of the soundtrack of my youth!


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