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6 Mar

Yesterday was warm in Tokyo. The high temperature was 20°C.

But today it’s raining and alot cooler. The high temperature is only 12°C today.
Tomorrow is forecast to only be 6°C and snow!

The rest of this week it’s forecast to have many rainy days and many sunny day…and the temperature will range from 7° – 16°C.

It’s like this every year at this time in Tokyo…the end of winter, the weather fluctuates from warm to cold a lot until Spring finally starts.
In Japanese, the expression for “the temperature going up and down everyday” is 「三寒四温」 (Sankan-shion)…which translates literally to “three cold, four warm”.


On another note, I have begun listening to an American heavy metal band called “Disturbed“.

I guess I discovered this band late. But I don’t keep up with the music scene anymore like I did when I was a kid.
Do you like this band?