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TSUTAYA Delivery

1 Feb

I wrote a post about the large DVD, CD, manga rental chain called “TSUTAYA” in Japan…(click here to read it).

Well, I just saw a TV commercial for a new service they’re beginning…CD / DVD rental delivery.


To use this service, you would access their website via computer or cell-phone, order the DVDs you want, and they’ll mail them to you…then to return them, you simply place them in a public mailbox (outgoing mail is never placed in home mailboxes like it is in America. Contrary to the picture above, Japan’s mailboxes don’t have flags on them for outgoing mail like U.S. mailboxes do).

There is no membership fee to join the TSUTAYA delivery service, nor any late return fees.
And the postage for both the delivery and returning the DVD is paid by TSUTAYA.

The cost is ¥1,974 / month (about US$21*) and up to eight DVDs can be rented each month. That comes to ¥247 (about US$2.73) per DVD.

How much is DVD rentals in your city? (What city do you live in?) Leave a comment about it.

I won’t use this service, though. For four reasons:

  1. I don’t rent DVDs or CDs too often.
  2. There’s a TSUTAYA within walking distance from my house…I can just go there.
  3. I have never bought anything online yet. I don’t feel comfortable with online shopping.
  4. Although ¥247 (about US$2.73) isn’t a bad price for DVD rental…every Wednesday, TSUTAYA rents DVDs for ¥199 (about US$2.20) each (even new ones) at the branch near my house (I’m not sure if all their branches do that).
    So, if I want to rent a DVD or CD, I go there on a Wednesday.

If you live in Japan and you want to use the TSUTAYA DVD Delivery Service. Click here to access their delivery site (it’s in 日本語 (Japanese)).

* (All US dollar amounts are based on the Japanese ¥en → U.S. Dollar exchange rate on February 1, 2009.)