Quarter Pounder

29 Nov

When I came to Japan, McDonalds Japan had quite a different menu from the McDonalds® in America. It’s still different…but it seems to be becoming more and more similar.

In the 1990’s, McDonalds® in Japan didn’t have any really large burgers, drinks or fries. The food was sold in smaller sizes…a “large cola”, for example, at McDonalds® Japan seemed to about the size of a “medium” at the U.S. McDonalds®. Japanese people who visited America often would be surprised at the size of the food portions at restaurants there.

Also, McDonalds® here has always had some items on the menu that are unique to Japan…some of which are seasonal (such as the “Lettuce Pepper Burger” and the 月見バーガー (“Tsukimi Burger” *) and others are always on the menu (such as the 「てりやきマック・バーガー」 (“Teriyaki Mac Burger“)).

(* The 月見バーガー (“Tsukimi Burger“) is available every Autumn at McDonalds® in Japan. 月見 (Tsukimi) is a traditional Autumn moon festival. (Click here to visit “McDonalds Japan’s Tsukimi Burger page).)


But recently, McDonalds® Japan has added some larger “American style” burgers to their menu. First, was the 「メガマック (“Mega-Mac“)…with four beef patties!



And more recently, McDonalds® Japan has brought the 「クォーターパウンダー」 (“Quarter-Pounder“)…and even the 「ダブルクォーターパウンダー」 (“Double Quarter-Pounder“) from America and added them to their menus here! (Japan doesn’t use the American system of measure…so noone here knows that the name “Quarter-Pounder” means that the burger is a ¼ pound of beef (about 114 grams)).

In addition to adding the 「クォーターパウンダー」 (“Quarter-Pounder“) to their menu in Japan. McDonalds® Japan has opened two Quarter Pounder Shops in Tokyo. These are McDonalds® owned…but the famous McDonalds® logo is nowhere on or in the stores! And the menu at these Quarter Pounder Shops consist of only two items: the 「クォーターパウンダー」 (“Quarter-Pounder“) and the 「ダブルクォーターパウンダー」 (“Double Quarter-Pounder“).
Click here to see the Quarter Pounder Shop website (日本語 (Japanese) only).

Due to McDonalds® success with these bigger burgers, other fast-food restaurants in Japan have also begun to include larger burgers in their menus now, too.
I think Japanese people should eat less fast-food and more tradional Japanese food.

I do like McDonalds® also, though…but we don’t eat any of those giant burgers. When we go to McDonalds®, it’s just for a regular size burger and coffee (cola or tea for the kids).
McDonalds® Japan has a “¥100” menu (about US $1.05*) with things like coffee, ice cream, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, McPork burger, etc all for ¥100. (Recently, some items on this menu, such as the cheeseburger and McPork, have gone up in price to ¥120 (about US $1.26*)).
(* The U.S. Dollar has weakened against the Japanese Yen recently).

If you want to see McDonalds® Japan’s menu…click here (it’s all in 日本語 (Japanese)).


What type of 携帯電話 (cellular phone) do you use? Does it have alot of functions?
I use the most popular company in Japan: NTT DoCoMo.
My phone’s kinda old…so it doesn’t have the latest functions. But I don’t care. All I need is Email, Internet and the phone.
Like most people here, I mainly use my 携帯電話 (cellular phone) to send and receive emails. But I also use a website on it to check the train schedules.
My 携帯電話 (cellular phone) also has a photo camera and video camera that I occasionally use…and GPS that I never use.

Nowadays, people in Japan use their phone as a “wallet” (make purchases, including train fare, like a debit card), to watch TV, and like an I-pod®…in addition to email and internet.
Those functions are popular in Japan now.

This isn’t my 携帯電話 (cellular phone)…but it’s a popular style now:


Nokia, the Finnish cell-phone company, seems to be make very popular cell-phones in every country…except Japan.

Nokia came to Japan a couple of years ago with big plans to take over the lucrative Japanese market. But the Japanese were unimpressed with Nokia‘s products and design. I guess Nokia didn’t do enough market research before coming here and they didn’t offer what is popular here.
They just announced that they’re leaving Japan.
Vodafone, the large English cell-phone company, had a similar experience a few years ago. This company also, it seems, is quite popular overseas…so they came to Japan with high-hopes.
Two years ago, Vodafone Japan was bought out by a Japanese company called Softbank…and is currently the number two 携帯電話 (cellular phone) provider in Japan (NTT DoCoMo, the company I use, is number one here).

8 Responses to “Quarter Pounder”

  1. Arif Hasan March 7, 2015 at 1:59 pm #

    I want to do job in mcdulalce


    • tokyo5 March 7, 2015 at 3:21 pm #

      Do you want to work at McDonalds?
      In Japan?
      Are you living in Japan now? Do you have a valid work visa? Can you speak Japanese?
      If so, send them your resume.


  2. tokyo5 December 1, 2008 at 2:54 am #

    I wonder if the “Quarter Pounder” really is called the “Royale With Cheese” in France?

    Japan uses the metric system too…but it’s still called the “Quarter Pounder” here.

    And my cell-phone is three years old and I have to plans to replace it until it quits working.


  3. Sir Pent December 1, 2008 at 2:48 am #

    All I can think about when you talk about McDonalds in foreign countries is Pulp Fiction.
    “Royale With Cheese”

    @cell phones:
    I just got a new phone yesterday. My previous version was going on 5 years old. As a Mac lover…I had to go with the iPhone. Quite a huge leap technology-wise from a 5 year old phone. I love it so far…my only worry/complaint is that ATT does not seem to have the best network/reception. My previous (Verizon) had full bars just about ANYWHERE I went.

    I sold out for trendiness…


  4. tokyo5 November 30, 2008 at 10:09 pm #

    >English speaking

    Yeah, that’s right. I forgot about that…I’ve heard that many Softbank‘s stores have staff who can speak English.
    I guess DoCoMo doesn’t.

    >their ads had the lovely Cameron Diaz

    Hahaha. 🙂 I guess their advertisements with American celebrities work!

    >I am happy with it

    Well, it’s all good then.

    >I think we use SMS between Softbank users

    That’s free, isn’t it? My wife also has a DoCoMo phone, and we can email each other for free…and we get use the “family plan” billing which is cheaper. You probably use that, as well…since your family all use Softbank.


  5. bartman905 November 30, 2008 at 9:44 pm #

    Well, I guess there was a large Softbank store in my area, English speaking and their ads had the lovely Cameron Diaz :-). I have heard both good and bad things about all three cell phone providers – people seem to have mixed experiences. A few people from my company recommended Softbank to me.

    I chose the phone because it had all the features I needed, it was small and the price was reasonable. I am happy with it so far (my son and wife both have flip phones).

    I think we use SMS between Softbank users so I use this with my family, email with non Softbank users. I do talk on the phone, but not a lot – both business and personal.


  6. tokyo5 November 29, 2008 at 10:27 pm #

    >I have a Softbank 816SH

    Hope you don’t mind my saying…I would’ve never chose that phone. First, I don’t feel comfortable with Softbank. They were originally J-Phone → then Vodafone → now Softbank.
    Seems almost fly-by-night.

    And I don’t care for those “slider” phones. I have a “flip-style” (clam shell).

    Why’d you choose that phone?

    >made by Sharp

    I can tell by the “SH” in the phone’s name. “SH” is Sharp, “SA” is Sanyo, “SO” is Sony, “P” is Panasonic, “N” is “NEC”, etc

    >I only really use it for voice, some text messaging (with my family) and pictures (it has a 2 MB camera).

    It’s actual E-mail (not text messages), I’m sure. Cell-phones in Japan have Email and Internet.
    And do you actually talk in your phone? Like most people here…I rarely use my phone for talking—but Email all the time!


  7. bartman905 November 29, 2008 at 10:07 pm #

    > What type of 携帯電話 (cellular phone) do you use?

    I have a Softbank 816SH (made by Sharp) cellular phone and it does have a lot of features but I only really use it for voice, some text messaging (with my family) and pictures (it has a 2 MB camera). No, it does not have a TV tuner.

    Yes I know, I am cellularly challenged 🙂


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