Skinny-dipper in Tokyo?

8 Oct

Yesterday, a British citizen (who resides in Spain) was visiting the 皇居 (Imperial Palace) in Tokyo.

Supposedly, the group went to the palace guards to tell them, in English, that they accidentally dropped their bag into palace moat. They weren’t satisfied with the guards’ reaction (who probably didn’t understand them)…so the middle-aged British man stripped completely and jumped into the moat!

His crazy antics immediately drew a large crowd who began taking his picture with their 携帯電話 (cell-phones).

The police dispatched numerous officers to apprehend him. Some were in a boat (see photo above (by the way, I didn’t take that photo. It was from the Associated Press™)), and some were on the ground surrounding the moat.

The tourist began throwing rocks at the officers in the boat. Then he climbed out of the moat and found a construction barrier-pole and used to to try to hit the police officers. One officer rushed him and pushed him back into the moat.

The British man then swam to the other side and scaled the stone wall (knocking out one of the stones in the process).

After his climbed out again, the police arrested him.

Quite a crazy story! I’ve never heard of anyone swimming in the Imperial moat before…especially without clothes!

Anyways, as I said at the end of this post, my daughters’ 兜虫 (Rhinoceros Beetle) died recently.
Well, my second daughter’s teacher gave her one of his beetles. It’s not the same kind…this one is even bigger! It’s a ゾウカブト虫 (Elephant Beetle).

It’s only in the 幼虫 (larvae) stage right now. It should change into an adult beetle next Summer.

The Elephant Beetle is from South America and some parts of the southern U.S.A. and looks quite different from the 兜虫 (Rhinoceros Beetle) that we usually get.

Here’s a picture of him in his larvae stage (the larvae of the 兜虫 (Rhinoceros Beetle) that we usually get is much smaller):

He’s a big bug…but still just a baby!

7 Responses to “Skinny-dipper in Tokyo?”

  1. tokyo5 October 25, 2008 at 11:51 am #

    Sir Pent…

    Why did he even jump into the moat? (Of course he couldn’t retrieve his bag that he dropped!)

    He was found mentally unstable (and supposedly his friends that he came to Japan with knew what he was prone to do and weren’t too shocked when he did that!)


  2. tokyo5 October 25, 2008 at 11:48 am #


    Thanks for visiting my site. Please feel free to comment often!

    I see by your blog that you’ve managed to see alot in your visit here! That’s good!


  3. Sir Pent October 25, 2008 at 10:45 am #

    Why the hell did the guy not leave his underwear on?
    Moron deserves to be arrested.


  4. lawsew October 25, 2008 at 10:27 am #

    Hi tokyo5
    Didn’t see the Dipper (when we visited the Imperial Palace on the same day he was there).
    Like your blog/website here. Ours is aimed at a lower key and smaller audience.
    Thanks for your suggestions — we did get to Kamakura and Yokohama.



  5. tokyo5 October 12, 2008 at 4:09 pm #


    >I wonder what he was charged with and how much time he did for assaulting the police.

    He was to be charged with trespassing, indecent exposure, resisting arrest, and assaulting the police, I’m sure…but he was found mentally unfit to stand trial by a court psychiatrist and was released!


  6. Mom October 12, 2008 at 7:49 am #

    that is a crazy story about the skinny dipper! what a nut case! that must be a first time anyone ever went for a swim in the moat of the Imperial Palace! I wonder what he was charged with and how much time he did for assaulting the police.


  7. tokyo5 October 11, 2008 at 10:13 am #

    Another website on the internet (that I won’t link to) had the audacity to copy this post from my website…photos and all, word-for-word without crediting me or linking to my site.

    If someone read the post on that site, they’d think it was that webmaster’s word…but they’re mine!.

    I used “whois” to get the site owner’s email address and I asked him to take my blog post off of his site…to no avail.

    I wish I could find the email address of that site’s web-host company…so I could tell them to take my post of off the site.
    Do you know how I can find the web-host company’s contact info for another site (it’s not on the “whois” info).



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