The monkey’s back…

9 Sep

On this post, I mention a wild 日本猿 (Japanese monkey) got into 渋谷駅 (Shibuya Train Station) in Tokyo and escaped the thirty police officers who tried to capture it.

Well, he’s back in the news.

The monkey, that police suspect hitched a ride on a train from the countryside into the city, is becoming a bit of a celebrity.
He has made over a dozen appearances around the city since his debut last month. Every time he’s seen, the police are called to capture him, and he’s eluded capture everytime, so far.

Last week, he was seen sitting outside a fruit shop staring at the bananas. He was scared off by the shop owner, and when the police arrived, he was sitting on a powerline…and he began to pee on the ground.

The monkey hasn’t yet hurt anyone nor has he tried to snatch any belongings, so he’s endeared by the public.

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