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4 Aug

This is a song from my Sony Walkman MP3 player.
Click the Play arrow if you want to listen to it as background music:

The song’s title is 「空はまるで」 by Monkey Majik.
I like this song.

Here’s the lyrics (as with all 漢字 (Japanese Kanji) on this page, hold you mouse over them to see the ふりがな (Kana characters to show the proper reading):


旅立つけど looking in the rear view mirror
I got you here 少しだけ clearer
I know with you 全て広がっていく
All we need is just a little more time 流れてるから
Everyday look at yourself and smile
Hoping things will go your way.

確かなことなど何も にも分からないから
どんなことが起こるだろう 手を繋いで I’ll never let you get away


Hey I wish we hadn’t departed,
But now your life has started,
We met at the shop, and still have something in common.
I’m hoping everything is fun,
I’m happy ya had the time to stay.
Letting it back, to chat, chillin’ and bringin’ it back.

確かなことなど何も にも分からないから
どんなことが起こるだろう 手を繋いで


Everyday I wake up thinking of you
You make it all clear to me
What I want you to do
Leave it up to you
I always knew you’d make it somewhere
You’re pushin’ it for the top
You never can stop
Enjoy the ride
And you know I’ll always be there for you
So make every moment true

‘Cause we all grow up and and our time is running out
(But) we can teach our youth
That’s what life’s all about
Maybe you’ll fall in love
I maybe be your guide ’till then
気持ち抑えきれずに… yeah

出会った日々の喜びも いつのか いつの

7 Responses to “Background music”

  1. tokyo5 January 4, 2009 at 8:31 pm #

    Do you like this song by Monkey Majik?

    You can buy the CD from Amazon. Here’s a link on my main site:


  2. tokyo5 August 10, 2008 at 2:03 am #


    I think you meant to put this comment in my post about Hiroshima (and Nagasaki) titled

    So I relied to it there.

    Here’s my reply:


  3. Mom August 10, 2008 at 1:51 am #

    Wow, thank you for sharing that letter! It is very heart wrenching. What a courageous man and I’m sure that his daughter (not to mention his entire family and also the people of Japan)must be so proud of her father and must so deeply appreciate those words that he left to her. that does give me so much more insight into why anyone would want to make such a sacrifice. I mean it becomes much deeper when you hear the words directly from the man to his daughter. I don’t want to get into the politics of war either but I think what we all have in common is our hatred of war and hope for peace.
    also, I want to say how proud of I am of my oldest gr-daughter for the way I hear she plays the trumpet. I would just LOVE to hear it for myself! is there anyway you could tape her playing a song and put it online?
    one last thing for now, are you getting any emails from me lately???? I have sent many but have not heard back from you in a long time!!!! pls send me one right away and let me know. one last thing-could you pls pls send me some up-to-date photos of all of your family? just send some online of each of the girls separately and then some of all of you together. pls pls and also one of you and “A” together. I really need some.
    I love reading all the news you have put together on the blog. have you been on that roller coaster? it sounds like an earthquake (or at least how I imagine one would sound)! love to everyone!!


  4. tokyo5 August 5, 2008 at 1:49 pm #


    >The above comment was, of course, in response to your WW2 post.

    I relied to that comment on the “63年前” post, here:

    >W/ regard to the music post, that’s a nifty song. It sounds alot like the music the teenagers listen to here, I guess. Garsh, I’m just….old. Anyways, neat lyrics.

    Do you like the song? Do you let it play while your reading my blog?


  5. Mb August 5, 2008 at 1:10 pm #

    The above comment was, of course, in response to your WW2 post. W/ regard to the music post, that’s a nifty song. It sounds alot like the music the teenagers listen to here, I guess. Garsh, I’m just….old. Anyways, neat lyrics.


  6. Mb August 5, 2008 at 1:08 pm #

    I’m sorry for ranting, but I do think it’s hard to refrain from being a bit political and philosophical in a response to your post. =)


  7. Mb August 5, 2008 at 1:07 pm #

    I guess I’ll just have to agree that war in general is sad. It strikes me that all around the world, people in general have in common that they love their friends and family and usually share a basic humanness, even though in times of war we tend to view the other side with some sort of disdain based on philosophical differences. An idealist might say that if we could just remember our sameness we might have less war. It also seems like whenever there is war, it is the result of ignorance and also a rise to power somewhere of governments or organizations who are either completely evil (Hitler, of course) or have resorted to violence out of ignorance and desperation.


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