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22 Jul

Tomorrow morning, my second daughter will leave with her school class for their 林間学校 (“Country school” “Camping school“ ”field trip”) in 新潟 (Niigata).

I’m not sure what to call 林間学校 in English. It translates to “Camp school”…but that’s not exactly what it is.

林間学校 is pronounced “Rinkan-gakkou” and is a three-day trip to the countryside by kids who live in the city, to let them experience country living. Japanese country living, of course.

She’s real excited about this trip. Her older sister did the same trip last year, and her younger sister will do it in 2010. (Older sister’s class took a 3-day 修学旅行 (school trip) to 京都 (Kyoto) this year…and this winter, youngest sister will go to 新潟 (Niigata) also—but for snow-skiing).

On this trip, from tomorrow until Friday, she and one of her classmates will stay in a local family’s house, learn to make something by hand from a local tradesman, and do some hiking.

When I was a kid, the schools I attended in America never had any field trips like this.

It’s a good experience.

Of course, though, whenever my kids are away from home, I can’t relax until they come back safe!