Rained out

1 Jun

Yesterday was supposed to by my oldest two daughters’ 運動会 (Sports Day) at their Junior High School, but it got postponed due to rain.

I knew it was forecast to rain today…but I hoped that the rain would hold off.

But now their Sports Day event will be held on Monday (June 2).

I’m not gonna be able to go and watch it because I have to work on Monday. Of course, I’ll watch the video of it that my wife will take.

This will be the first of any of my kids’ 運動会 (Sports Day Events) that I’ve ever missed since they were in 保育園 (Nursery School).

A 運動会 (Sports Day) is an annual event at Japanese schools from Nursery School / Pre-school until High School. It’s often held in October to coincide with the Japanese holiday 体育の日(Sports / Exercise Day), (See my FAQ page about this holiday), but will sometimes be held in other months (usually Spring or Autumn, though).

Pre-school, Elementary school, Junior High, and High school events are all different, of course. There are some similarities, as well.

They all start and end with speeches from the school principal and “warm-up” and “cool-down” stretching.

At all of them (even Nursery School), the school band performs and it’s a well choreographed event for the parents and grandparents who are in the audience with cameras and video-cameras.

At the Nursery School / Pre-school Sports Day Events, there are lots of dances, games and races…many of which involve “Parent and Child” teams.

From Elementary School on, the events are more “conventional” team events with no “Parent / Child” teams anymore (the parents, though, can participate in a “Parents tug-of-war” event. I always participate in that every year…except this one 😦 ).

The kids in Junior High run really fast! When my oldest first started Junior High, I was surprised how fast the kids run the races at the Sports Day. I can imagine what they’re like in High School!

You can always tell when a school in Japan is getting ready for 運動会 (Sports Day)…Japanese Nursery Schools and Elementary Schools put up strings of flags of the world. It’s a Japanese Sports Day decoration like pumpkins at Halloween.

Also, from Elementary School on, some of the students design and paint giant banners for their class’ “team” flag.

This year, both of my two oldest daughters helped paint their respective class banners…and my second daughter is the person who designed her class’ banner herself!

I was really looking forward to seeing their artwork.

Anyways…I’m really disappointed that it rained today and I missed my daughters’ Sports Day, but I look forward to seeing the video of it on Monday. 🙂

3 Responses to “Rained out”

  1. Mom June 2, 2008 at 9:50 am #

    I love the changes you’ve made on this site-very creative and full of interesting news about Japan. how much time do you usually put into keeping it up and running?
    I’m sorry you had to miss the girl’s sports day too. I know how much you enjoyed going and participating in them. I still enjoy looking at some photos you sent us years ago of you and the girls playing different games. it’s good that “A” got to go and take some video for you, that is the next best thing to being there. I would love to see the girl’s art work with the banners, esp. the one “S” designed. do you have photos of any of them? maybe you could put one online.
    It’s good to hear from you too Carol. your kids are growing up fast too. it’s hard to believe that Luke is going off with friends, renting a room and partying! we can all remember those days. I hope the thought of that doesn’t make you too nervous Bobby but I really cannot imagine the girls partying. how was your wkend away at the spiritual retreat Carol? our church is having one in Oct at the beach but I had already signed up to go on to a plein air wkshop that a respected prof. artist is teaching. it is going to be somewhere near Asheville which is a few hrs from us and a beautiful part of the state.
    I would also vote a no to DLS time too. why do we need to bother w/ changing the clock back and forth, life is busy enough. I didn’t realize that it is a state by state thing either, that could get very confusing-esp for people who need to travel out of state with their work.
    btw, I will be sending you both some photos that we took while we were in Florida and then in Texas. we would love to get some from everyone too.
    well take care, love Mom


  2. tokyo5 June 1, 2008 at 9:51 pm #


    Thanks for posting a comment.

    Yes, I was disappointed that I missed their Sports Day event due to rain yesterday.

    And today was a beautiful, warm day!
    Why couldn’t their 運動会 (Sports Day) have been today (Sunday)??

    Well, at least I’ll get to see it on video tomorrow.


  3. Aunt Carol June 1, 2008 at 2:04 am #

    Bob, I’m sorry you can’t attend sports day! I always loved attending Leah and Luke’s sports days, and felt bad when I had to work instead. I hope they have a wonderful time on Monday.
    I think daylight savings time is unnecessary, because I live in a high latitude and in the summer, it stays light until 10:00 PM with daylight savings. (Also it gets dark around 4 PM in winter). It is fun to stay outside late, though, but it makes getting up for work the next day quite difficult. I’m sleep deprived all summer, though it is fun to have several hours of daylight. It seems that Europe uses it, though some years they change on different days. Some states (Alaska, Hawaii and Arizona) don’t do it. It does get confusing.
    All is well here. Luke had a great time over Memorial Day weekend. He went to Lake Chelan (sort of like Lake George) with many friends and they got hotel rooms. I can imagine the parties! Leah is playing a championship basketball game today, in one of her adult leagues. Randy is visiting her this weekend, so he’ll get to see her play. I’m going to a spiritual retreat for three days, leaving soon.
    Love to all!


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