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Daylight Savings Time

27 May

The Prime Minister of Japan is trying to get Daylight Savings Time (or Summer Time as it’s known in England) re-introduced to Japan (Shortly after WWII, America implemented it here…but it didn’t go over well and was abandoned after only a few years).

Many Japanese Senators are saying that they will vote against it if it gets introduced as a bill. This is because many believe that the “benefits” of it are over-rated. That an extra hour of daylight after work doesn’t lead people to enjoy the outdoors more during the work-week, and it doesn’t save a considerable amount of electricity.

So they plan to vote against it because suddenly telling everyone to reset their clocks every six months would lead to unnecessary confusion and hassle.

Personally, I hope Japan stays as it is…that is, no Daylight Savings Time. I was always glad Japan didn’t have that system.

I think most Americans and Europeans actually like Daylight Savings Time! Do you?

I don’t. In the average house, there are quite a few clocks (wall clocks, alarm clocks, computer clock, cell-phone, watches, TV, etc)…what a pain re-setting them twice a year!

If you like to wake up early and finish work early…why not just leave the clocks ahead all year?

Anyways, if other countries like Daylight Savings Time, that’s fine…but I hope that it doesn’t come here.

I’m sure it won’t.