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16 Apr

Not much has happened since my last post which was on Monday, April 7.

Because that Monday to Friday, I just went to work and the kids went to school (it was the first week of the new school year…my kids are happy that many of their friends are in the same class as them this year), then on Friday night I started to feel sick and I had a 39°C fever.

I went to the doctor for some medicine on Saturday morning because I felt even worse, but I didn’t feel better until Monday. So I stayed in bed the whole weekend.

It’s Wednesday (April 16) evening now. I am fully recovered (I’m happy to say…because I felt like a truck hit me while I was sick), but it’s just another work-week now. I won’t be going anywhere special until the weekend (although it is forecast to rain on Saturday. I’m hope it doesn’t…but either way, Sunday’s supposed to be a nice day).

I did do one thing today. On the way home from work, I stopped by the local “TSUTAYA” (DVD / CD rental store) and rented a movie.

Have you ever seen 「ザ・スナイパー」 (“The Sniper” (actually, I think the U.S. title is “The Contract”))? Is it good?

I’m gonna watch it tonight or tomorrow.