28 Mar

We (me, my wife, and our three kids) went to Yokohama recently.

Yokohama’s the second biggest city in Japan (after Tokyo), and it’s located close enough to Tokyo to often be considered part of the Tokyo general area.

Yokohama’s the largest city in Kanagawa Prefecture, about 45 minutes south of metropolitan Tokyo by train.

We’ve been to Yokohama many times…but this was the first time in awhile.

We went to Yokohama Station (usually we’d go to Ishikawacho or Sakuragicho Station) and walked around. First, we walked around the Yokohama Station area then we wandered over to the Sakuragicho area and went to the 赤レンガ倉庫 (“Red Brick Warehouse” shopping center).

In the warehouse, we found a nice furniture store and bought three desks. One for each of our daughters.


Yokohama has alot to see a do.

Here’s a quick list off of the top of my head of places in the Yokohama area:

  • Cosmo World Amusement Park
  • Landmark Tower (The tallest building in Japan. Has an observation deck on the 69th floor)
  • Hard Rock Cafe Yokohama
  • 赤レンガ倉庫 (Red Brick Warehouse (shopping center))
  • 山下公園 (Yamashita Park)
  • Marine Tower
  • 横浜中華街 (Yokohama Chinatown)
  • Museum Of Cultural History
  • Maritime Museum
  • Doll Museum
  • “An-Pan-Man” Museum (museum and shops dedicated to the popular Japanese children’s cartoon)
  • Tattoo Museum
  • Ramen Museum
  • Curry Museum
  • Yokohama Hakkejima Sea Paradise
  • 横浜動物園 (Yokohama Zoo)
  • 野毛山動物園 (Nogeyama Zoo (it’s free))

6 Responses to “Yokohama”

  1. Jiro May 17, 2009 at 11:04 pm #

    I love you, Tokyo Five.

    But I have to correct the mistakes.

    Tokyo is a prefecture and is not a city.

    So the rankings are:

    経済力指数 (比率:大阪基準)
    1位 大阪市 100.0
    2位 横浜市 70.6
    3位 名古屋 65.7
    4位 神戸市 37.2
    5位 京都市 36.2

    市内総生産 (億円) (比率:大阪基準)
    1位 大阪市 217555 (100.0)
    2位 横浜市 131887 (60.6)
    3位 名古屋 120548 (55.4)
    4位 札幌市 71114  (32.7)
    5位 福岡市 62925  (25.6)

    製造出荷額 (百万円) (比率:大阪基準)
    1位 大阪市 4314746 (100.0)
    2位 横浜市 4025197 (93.3)
    3位 川崎市 3550479 (82.3)
    4位 名古屋 3382176 (78.4)
    5位 神戸市 2478771 (57.4)

    小売販売額 (百万円) (比率:大阪基準)
    1位 大阪市 4524271 (100.0)
    2位 横浜市 3618066 (80.0)
    3位 名古屋 3179008 (70.3)
    4位 札幌市 2263748 (50.0)
    5位 神戸市 2005488 (44.3)

    預金総額 (億円) (比率:大阪基準)
    1位 大阪市 290400 (100.0)
    2位 名古屋 170500 (58.7)
    3位 横浜市 140580 (48.4)
    4位 京都市 81438  (28.8)

    Remember I live in Osaka, Japan.

    Osaka is always the first and biggest city.

    Yokohama is the second.

    by 大人気ないジローちゃんでした。


    • tokyo5 May 18, 2009 at 12:13 am #

      You are always trying to find mistakes on my site.
      Usually the mistakes you find are just typos…and I appreciate the help.

      But I must disagree with you here.

      You don’t even have Tokyo on the top-five of your lists!

      Yes, 東京都 (Tokyo) is a prefecture…but Tokyo is called a city in all English language atlases.

      Not only is Tokyo Japan’s largest city (Yokohama is the second-largest, and Osaka is third), but Tokyo’s also the world’s largest city (Mexico City is the second largest…Osaka is 18th on that list.)


      • bartman905 May 18, 2009 at 12:48 pm #

        I see some friendly rivalry here between Tokyo-ites and Osakans 🙂 … reminds me of Toronto and Montreal in Canada – Torontoians are accused of thinking that Toronto is the center of the world, while Montreal just completely ignores Toronto because they believe they are the coolest in the world.


      • tokyo5 May 19, 2009 at 12:43 am #

        >rivalry here between Tokyo-ites and Osakans

        I guess it looks like that…but I don’t mean it like that.

        Osaka is a great city. Every part of Japan is different…and great.

        Actually, Jiro is kinda comparing “apples to oranges”.
        I wrote in this post that Tokyo is the largest city in Japan (and the world) and Yokohama is the second-largest. I mean “largest” as measured by land size and population.

        Jiro mentions that Osaka is Japan’s #1 city in terms of “retail sales”, and economically.
        I have no idea about that.


  2. tokyo5 March 29, 2008 at 1:17 am #

    Thanks for commenting again!


  3. Aunt Linda March 28, 2008 at 4:52 am #

    Just checking out how to comment–seems straightforward–come on, family, write something–Carol and Luke and Leah are in Costa Rica sweating buckets at this exact moment, unless I miss my guess. Hope they’re having a great time. We’re busy with rentals and changing tenants and everything else–the weather is beautiful, although a bit hazy this afternoon, it must be said–it was really hot earlier, in the bright sunshine of the highland tropics. This is the end of the dry season. The rains should begin in May. This is all theoretical, since the weather is changing now, every year. Hope everyone is happy! I am!
    Love to all.


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